• AUTTA is a new rapper who has surprised the Thai rap scene. He uses his musical skills and knowledge to create rap and music of complex and interesting proportions with a distinct and inventive rap flow. He is currently a sound engineering student ot the College of Music at Mahidol University

  • AUTTA has created a buzz for fans of RAP IS NOW. THE WAR IS ON SS.4, emerging as a dark horse in the finals and finishing third in this show. Before his name began to be talked about among specific music fans, and shortly after that, his participation in THE RAPPER SS.2 became widely known. His talent amazes both coaches and pro-ducers. He also put on an impressive performance until he reached the final round.

  • The first song released by YUPP! as an artist is the hottest song that features NAMEMT, “Ti Kan (Tum Mai?/” which has received positive feedback from fans. Then he released “Wang Yang,” his first solo song with YUPPI, which he both sang and produced himself. There are also many well-known songs among fans, such as “Chai Nd Meun” and “Yam Ban” Because of AUTTA’s outstanding style as an artist and songwriter. As a result, he has been invited to feature with many well-known artists, including Pop Pongkool, Rooftop, Pae Arak, Wan Wan Wan, Noona, and Mew Suppasit, as well as compose songs for Bnk48, Vyra, and others.

  • Due to this remarkable, AUTTA was nominated for RIN AWARDS
    2019’s New Face of the Year award, which was later won by Sanook Music’s New Face of the Year 2019.

  • 2021 AUTTA won “Best Record of the Year” from TOTY MUSIC AWARDS by a song calls “ANTLV”
  • 2022 AUTTA has collaboration with Greasy Cafe & Zweed n’ Roll to blow-up Indie Music Scene.


ชายหน้ามึน (10M VIEWS)

- GATSBY (2020)
- MY BEER (2020)
- Marshall (2022)

- "ANTLV" Best Record of the Year - TOTY Music Awards 2021
- "ANTLV" รางวัลเพลงยอดเยี่ยม ประเภทเพลงไทยสากล ในงานประกาศรางวัล คมชัดลึก อวอร์ด ครั้งที่ 18


- Winner: เพลงยอดเยี่ยม ประเภทไทยสากล (ANTLV) - คมชัดลึก อวอร์ด ครั้งที่ 18
- Winner: Record of the Year (ANTLV) - TOTY Music Awards 2021
- Winner: New Face of the Year 2019 - Sanook Music
- Nominated: Music Video of the Year (ANTLV) - TOTY Music Awards 2021
- Nominated: Artist of the Year (Solo) - TOTY Music Awards 2021
- Nominated: New Face of the Year - RIN Awards 2019