• Wouldn’t it be nice to have your crush by your side in this rainy season? “Yoo Gorn” (meaning “stay”) is the latest single by “GeniePak” about a love-struck girl who is willing to do anything to make her crush stay while it’s raining outside. It’s pointless leaving in a rush during the storm anyway, right?
  • This cute pop song by “GeniePak” will make you smile, and it can also be used in real life, with puppy eyes, as a request for someone to stay. Plus, the lyrics are a perfect combination of three languages: Thai, English, and Korean.

  • The song itself is cute enough, but the music video is even more adorable. Each scene will surely put smiles on viewers’ faces. What’s even more special is that YUPP!’s first generation artist like “NAMEMT” will be playing the leading role for the first time in his life! Moreover, the video will feature YUPP!’s second generation artists including “FIZZIE”, “GALCHANIE”, “DEASY”, and “JJSON” to add more playfulness. “Yoo Gorn” will be promoted mainly via TikTok as a dance challenge. This should add more fun to the song.