• Born 13 November 2002, known professionally as Milli [Styled as MILLI), is a Thai rapper and songwriter. She is known for her image reinvention and flow in her rapping as a recording artist in YUPP!
    She gained her first public recognition after appearing in the ThaiTV show, The Rapper Season 2. She was praised by the judges for her extraordinary singing and acting style. Later, she was signed by Yupp! and has become the youngest, yet first and only female artists in the label.

  • MILLI released her first single ‘Phak Khon’ in February 2020. The music and MV brought her into popularity and became the phenomenal when reaching 4 million views within 4 days on YouTube, flagging her in the history of the first solo female artist receiving that volume. As of October 2021, the music video received more than 86 million views.

  • Her second single ‘Sudpang’ brought her to another level when more than thousands of reaction videos and covers from worldwide featured this song right after the first week of release. She was recognized as the trend setter when the words Sudpang and some others featured in the songs became viral and slang for Thai people, not only limited to teenagers but also adults and seniors.

  • After releasing two singles, she has been invited to feature and collaborate with over 10artists from different labels. One of her latest featuring songs with Tilly Birds has received more than 100 million views recently. She received numerous awards in both national and international levels such as ‘Best New ASIAN Artist Thailand’ [Mnet ASIAN Music Awards: 2020 MAMA), Top Ten 2020 The Hottest Songs (JOOx Music Thailand Top 100 2020), Hip-Hop Song of the Year and New Face of the Year (Rap is Now Awards 2020), and the Rising Star [Kazz Awards 2020).

  • MILLI has been selected by Spotify’s campaign, EQUAL, a new initiative dedicated to women in music and audio industry featuring herself in the popular music streaming service and portraying her upcoming single’s artwork on the giant screen in the middle of New York’s Time Square.
  •  MILLI has dropped her long-awaited debut album, ‘BABB BUM BUM’ – two years on from her debut single and months after she became a viral sensation with ‘Mango Sticky Rice’ at Coachella with 88rising.The record dropped last night (November 9) alongside a music video for the opening track ‘Welcome’ – which features the four-member ‘girl group’ MINUS.

    The album features fresh collaborations with fellow Thai artists TangBadVoice, NAMEMT, BOWKYLION and 1-Flow as well as previously released singles ‘Not Yet!’, ‘17 mins’ featuring the duo mints and ‘Sad Aerobic’. MILLI’s star-making 2020 singles ‘พักก่อน’ (‘Pakkorn’) and ‘SUDPANG!’ also make an appearance as a jazzy mashup towards the end of the 10-song tracklist.


พักก่อน (92M VIEWS)

• MIRINDA (2021-2022)
• LAY'S MAX (2021)
• FOODPANDA (2021)
• FREEFIRE (2021)
• OPPO (2021)
• DMALT (2022)
• NIKE (2022)
• YAMAHA (2022)

• COACHELLA (2022)


- BBC 100 Women 2022
- NME’s Best Asian Albums of 2022 (BABB BUM BUM)
- Bandwagon’s Top Collaborations of 2022 (Mind Games)
- Winner: ศิลปินหญิงเดี่ยวยอดเยี่ยม ประเภทไทยสากล - คมชัดลึก อวอร์ด ครั้งที่ 18
- Winner: Rising Star - KAZZ Awards 2020
- Winner: New Face of the Year - RIN Awards 2020
- Winner: Hip-Hop Song of the Year - RIN Awards 2020
- Winner: Best New ASIAN Artist Thailand - 2020 Mnet ASIAN Music Award (2020 MAMA)
- Winner: Best Entertainment Performance on Social Media สาขา Female Artist - Thailand Social Awards 2022
- Winner: นักร้องหญิงยอดนิยม - Siamrath Online Awards 2022
- Winner: New Wave of the Year - The Guitar Mag Awards 2021
- Nominated: TikTok’s Viral Song of the Year (17 นาที)
- Nominated: Best Female Artist of the Year - The Guitar Mag Awards 2022
- Nominated: Best Collaboration / Various Artist (Mirror Mirror) - TOTY Music Awards 2021
- Nominated : Artist of the Year (Solo) - TOTY Music Awards 2021
- Nominated: Song of the Year (เพื่อนเล่นไม่เล่นเพื่อน) - JOOX Thailand Music Awards 2022
- Nominated: Pop Song of the Year (เพื่อนเล่นไม่เล่นเพื่อน) - JOOX Thailand Music Awards 2022
- Nominated: Top Social Thai Artist of the Year (เพื่อนเล่นไม่เล่นเพื่อน) - JOOX Thailand Music Awards 2022
- Nominated: New Artist of the Year - JOOX Thailand Music Awards 2021
- Nominated: Top Social Artist of the Year - JOOX Thailand Music Awards 2021
- Nominated: Song of the Year (แฟนใหม่หน้าคุ้น) - JOOX Thailand Music Awards 2021