YUPP!  (YOUTH WITH DOUBLE UP!) is a collaboration project between ‘RAP IS NOW’ and ‘NINO’. The main purpose of YUPP! is to support the young generations and push them to become well known artists.

RAP IS NOW is recognized for the ‘THE WAR IS ON’, the largest rap battle competition in Thailand. After 4 seasons, many talented rappers emerged and big rapper programs were produced, such as  THE RAPPER and SHOW ME THE MONEY THAILAND, which has made rap music popular throughout the whole country to a great extent.

For NINO, he is considered one of the best producers in the hip-hop music industry in Thailand. He was selected as a music director of THE RAPPER (Season 1). A while later, he also became a music director on SHOW ME THE MONEY THAILAND (Season 2).

YUPP! was officially launched on September 6, 2018 with talented artists such as MAIYARAP, BEN BIZZY, and BLACKSHEEP. It wasn’t long when they introduced new artists into the label; LAZYLOXY, NAMEMT, AUTTA, and MILLI. We achieved more than 1,000,000 subscribers on Youtube just within one year.